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By Neo Bye


This hunter and its prey are caught in a stalemate as the leopard cannot successfully capture and kill this porcupine due to its impenetrable spines defence.

Gerrit Meyer was driving in the Kruger National Park, in South Africa, on July 19 when he came across the pair of juvenile creatures in the middle of the road.

The porcupine scuttles around trying to manoeuvre its back toward the young leopard with the lights of the vehicle illuminating the scene.

The leopard tries multiple times to snap and claw at the porcupine but is met with a face full of sharp spines.

The video ends with a frustrating conclusion as Gerrit revealed that the porcupine managed to get away with the leopard left with a mouth full of quills.

Gerrit said: “This is only second time I have seen this after 25 years as a ranger.

“Everyone is amazed and happy to have seen it, as it rare to have such a good clear view of this type interaction.

“The porcupine headed into the long grass and the leopard left it, looking a bit sheepish, as it already had some uncomfortable quills in its mouth.”