Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A street performer put his musical skills to the test by pulling off an incredible drum solo with one hand in front of an amazed crowd.

Chris Harris has been playing the drums since he was nine-years-old, now, aged 47, the experienced drummer has worked as a full-time street performer for the past 24 years, wowing crowds across the United States.

At a recent performance after a Tampa Bay Rays Baseball game at Tropicana Field, Florida, on August 5, Chris amazed the crowd with an incredible drum solo.

Chris managed to set his street performance apart by giving a high energy performance on five humble yellow buckets, with the classically trained musician pounding on the make-shift drums, with a mind-blowing one-handed, grand-finale drum roll.

Chris said: “What keeps me performing is the freedom. It is an almost unrestricted medium to express myself.

“I strive to make a real and lasting connection with my audience. Not to mention, there aren’t many bucket drummers with grey hair out there.

“I try to help people go from being interested, to being impressed, to amazement, to disbelief.

“The connection I am able to build with complete strangers is amazing.”