Animals Video

By Jack Mobley


This hilarious skit perfectly portrays every dog owners struggle when it comes to eating around dogs.

Samantha Copley compiled the sketch in her home in Tampa, Florida, while her dog, Layla the boxer was sleeping.

Samantha wanted a snack and wants to take advantage of the peace and quiet while her two-year-old puppy sleeps.

Samantha cautiously checks Layla to make sure she is deep in sleep before venturing to the kitchen.

Covertly moving her way through the house, Samantha successfully makes it to the snack cupboard.

She retrieves the chips and sits but before she can even eat one, Layla suddenly appears next to her wanting a bite.

Samantha said: “Every time I unwrap ANYTHING Layla is underneath me waiting for a treat.

“I will be unwrapping something like a roll of tape and there she is!

“Layla is always a happy pup, excited by the smallest things, and always putting a smile on my face.

“This video has unexpectedly taken off with thousands of other dog owners, the majority of the comments on it are “I can relate to that!”