Amazing Nature Video

By Neo Bye


A cheeky octopus climbed inside a diver’s mouth while he was swimming.

Shane Brown was in a popular diving spot off Oahu, Hawaii, on August 27 when he was surprised with an impromptu dental check-up.

A tiny octopus had swum up on to his face, crawling all over it before slipping its whole body in between his lips.

After spending a few seconds with just the tip of its tentacles visible, the octopus crawled out before jumping on to Shane’s diving partner’s legs.

Shane said: “At first he was climbing on my face then went in my mouth.

“Maybe he was nervous about something else nearby.

“As soon as he went in, I started recording.

“I was worried he could suction too strong and might hurt the sensitive skin inside my mouth but he was gentle.

“It was only in my mouth for a few seconds.

“I guess he realised it might not be safe if I was a predator.”