Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


An airy artist creates temporary floating sculptures shaped like elephants and even words using artificial clouds.

Steve Hawn has a unique talent and needs no second invite to show it off as part of SmileCloudUSA.

Using a simple solution of environmentally safe soap, normal water and the gases helium and nitrogen, the 52-year-old creates clouds on solid ground.

Once the cloud is formed, Steve forces it through stencils which are often handmade and send unicorns, aliens and company logos into the stratosphere.

Steve said: “I have travelled all over the USA showing off these clouds in the last four years.

“I’ve been invited to all types of events including airshows and marriage proposals up to gigs for companies like MTV, Old Navy, and Viceland.

“I can’t pick a favourite shape, there’s too many.

“The main reaction is ‘I’ve never seen that before’ and awe.

“People love the non-harmful nature while being able to convey a message unlike balloons.

“It gives us great joy watching people gush over our work.

“The amazement from the kids and everyone just having to video is a lot of fun.”