Amazing Animals

By Randal Coombs


A blind cat with the most stunning blue eyes lives his best life despite his owner being told ‘not to bother with him’ when she first saw him.

Kerry Denman loves cats and, when she moved into her own flat in London, saw her opportunity to get one but wasn’t sure about the responsibility.

Gate crashing the homes of friends to spend time with their moggies, she came across Louie when he was just a newborn kitten.

Now Louie has more than 40,000 followers across social media, with many commenting on his amazing eye colour.

Kerry said: “A neighbour of my parents had recently had a litter of kittens and I went to see them.

“Went I went in the lady immediately told me to not bother with Louie as there was ‘something wrong with his eyes’.

“So naturally I wanted to look.

“He had been rejected by his mum and was ‘nesting’ on top of a laundry basket.

“I picked him up and he was tiny, scrawny. His eyes were that startling blue and seemed too big for his little body.

“I hadn’t intended to get a cat let alone a kitten but couldn’t stop thinking about him or what would happen to him.

“So, I went with my gut and returned a week later to take him home. We haven’t looked back since.”

Kerry had hoped that Louie had cataracts but that was quickly proved wrong and his pupils never grew.

Kerry said: “At this stage I was told that there was nothing that could be done to improve his eyesight and so I have never taken him for further tests because he doesn’t care about a diagnosis.

“Louie’s blindness impacted him the most probably from birth until about two-years-old.

“He was an extremely difficult kitten, sprinting in continuous circles for 10 minutes at a time.

“I couldn’t stop him, if I tried, he would just lash out and even if he slept over my chest he would wake up and lash out at my face.

“With time he mellowed, adapted and began to trust his other senses to lead him.”

Now he is seven, Kerry says he loving cat you could ever meet.

She said: “He’s still a bit nervy when there’s more people in the flat than he’s used to but he just hides and then slowly comes out and starts sniffing everyone.

“You can’t close a door when he’s playing but he is guaranteed to run in to it.”