Amazing Nature

By Federico Cornetto


An adventurer took some time off in a stunning natural pool hidden in the side of a mountain.

Adventurers Bridget Thackwray, 25, and Topher Richwhite, 33, were visiting the Königssee lake, in Germany, when they heard from the locals about an attraction known as the ‘Hidden Pool’.

On August 20, the couple travelled across the woods to reach the spot, where a natural rock basin collects water from the Königssee waterfall to create a small and stunning pool hidden in the mountainside.

From there, Bridget enjoyed an amazing view of the valley below as she bathed in the fresh water.

Bridget said: “The Hidden Pool is as the name suggests, very hidden!

“It is not at all along the trail and requires a hike from where the nearest viewpoint is.

“Once you’ve hiked approximately 30 minutes from the last viewpoint, you can navigate your way through the remaining bush by following the noise of the water falling.

“Once you reach the waterfall, you have to climb up to the top along the tree line to get to the pool.

“The water is freezing, as it comes directly from the surrounding mountains.

“Despite the strong current, there is a large ledge between yourself and the drop off.

“It does still require caution, and considering such things as rainfalls which may create flash flood water before getting in.”