Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta


A Pakistani martial artist smashed 229 walnuts from his elbow in an effort to create a new world record.

Footage shows Rashid Naseem, 33, from Karachi breaking a long line of walnuts lying on a table in bullet speed, to the cheers and applause from the audience.

Wearing a glove, he used his elbow to smash the walnuts, before officials are seen counting them afterwards.

Rashid, who is trained in martial arts and runs a martial arts training school, said he had been preparing for the attempts for several months.

He said: “My aim is to make 50 world records and make my country proud.

“I practiced for three months before final attempt.

“Now I am only six records short to complete my target.”

Rashid had previously held several Guinness World Records including most green coconuts smashed with his head and most bottle caps removed with his head in one minute.

He also claims to be a record holder for crushing the highest number of drink cans.

He previously broke 41 world records and with these records his personal records have reached 44. He is now eyeing to bag the Guinness World Records for his performance.

He said: “I have applied for Guinness World Records. I am waiting for them to confirm and send me the certificate.”

Rashid’s passion has also helped encourage young kids in Pakistan to pick up martial arts.

He said: “When I started martial arts there were just a few people in Karachi who were interested in martial arts. Now as we hold so many records and fan following, people’s interest is increasing.

“They are encouraging their children to learn this art. It also helps remain fit.

“I want to obtain a grant from the government to establish a proper academy so more people can join us.”