Life Video

By Niamh Shackleton


A stunning mum has become a professional artist after she underwent HYPNOSIS to help her learn to paint.

Salome Heydenrych, 37, wanted to take up a new career but didn’t know what she wanted to do until she was hypnotised into believing she had the ability to become an artist.

Salome, from Hammersmith, London, had dreamed of becoming an artist since she was a child – but didn’t think her art was anywhere near good enough to sell.

But after a single session with hypnotist Robert Hisee, Salome believed she was a great painter – and her new found confidence has lead to her amazing works being sold for up to £2000 a time.

Salome had her first art exhibition in Kensington in February of this year and is doing an Art fair in October as well.



She said: “I always dreamed about becoming a professional artist but didn’t have the confidence to pursue my dream.”

“Prior to meeting with Robert, I was so anxious and didn’t really have much confidence to do what I really wanted to do.

“I said I wanted to branch off and do my own thing – but I didn’t know what.

“Robert then asked me what I’d really like to do, and I mentioned how I enjoy art so he told me to visualise myself painting and being an artist.

“After just three hours with him, I felt like a completely different person and walked out ready to take on my new passion head on.

“I was so overwhelmed with happiness – whatever Robert did completely woke up my love of painting.”

Salome, who’s originally from Cape Town, South Africa, but has lived in London for 15 years, held her first art exhibition just four months after seeing Robert.


She added: “My anxiety had become really bad and became to manifest into physical symptoms on top of the mental ones.

“I really wanted to do something for myself and start my own business, but I just didn’t have the passion, drive or confidence to do so.

“Robert helped me divert my attention from my anxiety to my art and it just went from there.”

Robert added: “When Salome came to my practice, she told me that she had been suffering with anxiety and feeling down and not knowing how to move forward.

“As the session unfolded I learnt that she was an artist and she said the only thing that makes her feel good was her artwork but she didn’t do it any more because she was insecure that other people were laughing at her work and that it wasn’t good enough.

“I used hypnotic techniques and unconscious mind therapy to teach Salome how to create her future inside of her mind.

“I told her everything gets made twice – first in the imagination then created outside here in reality.”