Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto


A gymnastic pair show that the couple that balance together, stay together.

Zion Martyn and Poppy Fairbairn have been together for more than four years and having met at circus school, the couple unsurprisingly don’t do anything normally.

Even just brushing their teeth in their bathroom in the Gold Coast, Australia, involves an acrobatic stunt where Poppy, 26, stands on 23-year-old Zion’s shoulders.

Thanks to their intense training, the couple even do work on their laptops while perched on each other’s heads.

Poppy said: “Being an acrobatic couple takes a lot of work but is always worth it.

“You spend 24 hours, seven days a week together and if you don’t have an incredibly good bond, it won’t work out.

“We only graduated from circus school last December so we have been touring all over Australia with Circus Oz and Circus Rio since then and now are doing a one year contract on the Gold Coast.”

The couple specialise in pass juggling, pointe adagio and icarian and are the lead characters in a show called SUAVE for the Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub.

Poppy said: “Pointe adagio is where Poppy balances on my head and shoulders on ballet pointe.

“We are the only Australians to perform this act, it is very difficult as the flyer, me, must be well trained in ballet and it takes over six months of doing it before Zion’s shoulders got used to it.”