Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A bonkers YouTuber had the Popeyes logo shaved into the side of his head, hoping for free meals.

With the current rush on the fast food chicken chain’s stores, MJ Talevski tried his hand at scoring himself some free food.

Getting the company’s signature P logo shaved into the back of his head, the 18-year-old travelled around several of Chicago’s stores seeing if it would be successful.

Eventually, MJ manages to get himself two free meals and a free drink out of some seriously stunned Popeyes’ employees.

MJ said: “I feel 50:50 about the haircut.

“Some days I regret it and some days I love that I got out of my comfort zone and managed to get some free food.

“I got a lot of weird and fun reactions from people and Popeyes employees.”