Life Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A demolition duo certainly made a collect call when they found cash in an abandoned payphone.

Darick Langos and his dad Rick have had some amazing collections during their day to day job as demolishers and on a job in an abandoned mall in Chicago, Illinois, they had another unexpected payday.

When they win a tender to demolish a building, they also get access to anything inside, including a payphone which they opened using a gas-powered saw and crowbar.

After about 10 minutes, they eventually found more than $200 in loose change.

Darick said: “The payphone was left at an abandoned building which my dad bid on to demolish the building and won.

“Once the building was signed over to him everything inside belongs to him including the payphone and any money inside.

“I was shocked, I expected there to be some change but not hundreds of dollars’ worth!

“When I saw all that change pour out, I wanted to scream with excitement.”