Life Video

By Jack Mobley


While a police officer is standing behind him, this man attempts to make a purchase with a credit card that had been reported as stolen which was followed by a swift arrest.

Owner of Starlite Convenience Store in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, Clayton Stevens was tending to a customer buying a Red Bull on the morning of August 27.

But when the purchase needed to be made, the man swiped a credit card with no success but in fact, the card appeared on the screen as stolen and the police should be contacted immediately.

Clayton informed the officer standing behind the customer which led to a short line of questioning before an instant arrest from the officer.

Clayton said: “When he went to pay, unfortunately, it came up on the slip that it was a stolen credit card and to call the police, which was pretty easy to do.

“I just had to show him the paper and he was more than happy to make an arrest.

“I almost fell down laughing, I was doing pretty well everything I could to not start laughing as he was arresting him.

“It was quite comical.”

Police were called to the area for a report of a suspicious person and the responding officer followed the suspect into the store.

The video shows a calm environment in which the vendor and the officer smirking and laughing as the events unfold.

The officer, Constable Ian Scrivener established very quickly that the card was stolen, and so, reached for his cuffs and wrapped them on the suspect’s wrists.

The suspect has since been released on the terms that he will appear in court at a later date, which has yet to be scheduled.