Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

This male elephant was more than a little bullish – as he stood threateningly right in front of a group of tourists.

The bull, which appears suddenly after two baby elephants have crossed ahead of him, looms scarily in front of a safari vehicle.

He then fronts up to the jeep, waving his ears and tugging at his tusk aggressively.

The bull was in musth at the time, a hormonal surge in male elephants that is characterised by highly aggressive behaviour and a rise in reproductive hormones.

The footage was filmed by nervous tourist Kevin Kramer, 53, in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Kevin said: “We were driving on the Skukuza-Lower Sabie Road along the river when we stopped to observe a herd of elephants drinking.

“Within a few minutes, the herd began making its way toward us.

“There was a very large bull in musth that decided to intimidate us.

“All six of us became very nervous.

“However, our guide Simon Vegter remained very calm and slowly backed the vehicle up to give the bull a little more space.

“He later explained that, as we were on the road first, this was not as confrontational as it might have been.”