Amazing Animals

By Mikey Jones


These hilarious photos show a group of chimps mucking around on a river bank as they cheekily beg a photographer for snacks.

Taken by snapper Bobby-Jo Vial, 36, the sequence shows the chimps wading through the river as they try and avoid the nearby rapids.

The images were taken at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Entebbe, Uganda back in July.

In one of the shots a chimp can be seen striking an aggressive pose towards the camera.

Bobby-Jo, from Dubbo, Australia, said the images were among some of the most memorable she’s taken.

She said: “As we arrived around the southern side of the Island Paul started to pant-hoot, this is a chimpanzee vocal.

“What happened next is a memory that will last with me for the rest of my life. The chimps started to appear at the edge of the island.

“Paul started to throw them some fruit and vegetables as it was time for one of their many daily feeds.

“I actually thought that Paul was a terrible throw as the food landed in the water, a few metres from the edge.

“We then watched the chimpanzees wade out to collect their treats.

“I have never seen a chimpanzee in the water before let alone up to their chest. At one stage a male chimpanzee called Eddy came out within five meters of our boat.

“The chimps gestured to us to throw them treats. They would clap their hands and raise their arms in the air.

“It was very surreal and we managed to capture some great images of our closest relatives.”