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A little kid set the bar high for his first ever concert as he danced and head-banged on stage with the Foo Fighters in front of 35,000 fans.

Heading to your first live concert is a big moment in a lot of people’s

The hype, anticipation and excitement accumulate to create a great night and memories that last a lifetime, and for little five-year-old Taylor Blackburn, neither the little rocker or his family will ever forget his first concert.

With 5,000 fans flocking to the Belfast Vital festival at Boucher Playing Fields, Belfast, Northern Ireland, on August 19, little Taylor was spotted in the mass crowd by Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl due to a sign exclaiming it was the little boy’s first concert.

With the crowd chanting for the band to bring the little rocker on stage, it didn’t take Taylor to be asked twice before he rushed on stage like a pro.

Dancing and head-banging to the iconic anthem, ‘All My Life’ Taylor held his own with the experienced rock troupe.

The amazing moment was caught on camera by rabid Foo Fighters fan Josh Thomas, 21, who couldn’t believe what he was watching.

Josh said: “I was queuing for the gig from half 10 that morning to get to the front row. The people ahead of me in the queue had a sign stating that it was their son’s first ever gig and he was five years old.

“About halfway through the gig, Dave Grohl spotted the sign in the crowd and the whole crowd chanted ‘bring him up’, so he did!

“When I saw the kid dancing, it just filled me with pure joy to see how happy he was and everybody was just over the moon for him.

“It made me realise just how little things like that can affect everyone else!”