Amazing Offbeat

By Joe McFarlane


A skilled sculptor spends most of her time with some of the world’s most famous faces as she creates amazing realistic sculptures of iconic celebrities.

You would be forgiven for mistaking Lewes, East Sussex, for Hollywood, USA, if you were to step into Amelia Rowcroft’s art studio.

Working as a freelance sculptor, the 43-year-old artist has been honing her talent for a quarter of a century after studying in both the UK and the Florence Academy of Art Sculpture in Italy.

Using her incredible sculpting skills, Amelia has created works of art using some of the world’s most recognisable faces, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bill Murray, and icons such as Tom Hanks and Prince.

Amelia’s talents have been used for everything from the movie industry to even sculpting figures for the world-famous Madame Tussauds.

Amelia said: “Becoming a good sculptor takes a lot of practice, as well as anatomical knowledge.

“I work with a model and a photographic reference when I am creating a sculpture.”

Creating works of art does take time, as a highly detailed piece can take Amelia anywhere up to three weeks, but once completed, all the clay, sweat and tears were worth it.

Amelia said: “Deciding that a portrait is finished can be difficult. There is usually a point when it feels right. That moment feels good and is the right time to stop sculpting!

Portraits have to be approved by the client, so sometimes there are small adjustments to be made in the final stages until they are happy. Like all art, the audience reactions vary, that is part of the fun of a wax museum!

Amelia’s love and passion for sculpture clearly shines through in her work, and it is a skill she is willing to help share and teach with the world.

Amelia said: “I am passionate about sculpture and have been lucky to study and work with some amazing sculptors over the years.

“It is my mission to pass on the skills and knowledge I have accumulated via my online video-based courses at

“It gives me enormous pleasure to receive positive feedback from my students all around the world.”