Amazing Animals

By Mikey Jones

This dramatic photo shows one lucky surfer’s near miss after he got too close to a jumping dolphin.

Taken by photographer Dave Weldon, 63, the images show a male surfer paddling into the path of a pair of incoming dolphins.

Dave Weldon caught the snaps from the shore near his home in El Porto, Manhattan Beach, USA, earlier this year.

He said: “It all happened so fast – I had just finished photographing a surfer to my left when out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention over to my right.

“As quickly as I could swing around my camera I barely realised what I was about to focus-lock onto before I fired-off a burst of shots capturing the dolphin and surfer’s encounter.

“The two dolphins were heading south a few dozen metres in front of the surfer.

“Seeing the dolphins, the surfer stuck-up his arms in sort of a ‘surfer’s greeting’ when all of a sudden one dolphin caught sight of the surfer, turned towards the surfer, sped-up and went into a jump while rolling onto its left side – appearing to want to get a better look at the surfer as it dove back into the water just a few meters in front of the surfer.”