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Randal Coombs

This father cut his son’s hair for the first and the boy cannot stop laughing at it.

Aden, three, and dad, Lawerence were getting ready for his birthday party on August 17 when the clippers came out, ready to trim.

The video starts after the cut in the bathroom of his apartment in Houston, Texas, with Aden eagerly waiting for his dad to show him the hair that has been cut.

When Lawerence opens his hand, revealing the hair trimmings, Aden opens his mouth in shock and gives the cutest “Oh my god!”

The pair burst into laughter as they wrestle over the chopped locks.

Lawerence said: “He was actually in the middle of getting ready for his birthday party.

“I had no idea how i wanted to do this because i didn’t want to cut it, but it happened anyway.

“He’s never got a haircut before, thats why he was so shocked.”