Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

A patient artist handwrites the entire script from Indiana Jones: The Raiders Of The Lost Ark but arranges the words into a picture depicting an iconic scene from the movie.

Mike Matola spent four days in his Los Angeles studio as he painstakingly reprinted the script from the flick starring Harrison Ford.

The clever stop-motion clip shows Mike scrawling text line-by-line, outing the famous shot from the opening scene

The picture shows the title character leaning over the Icon before swapping it for the bag of sand, expertly captured in words by Mike.

Mike said: “I call it Modified Pointillism (the art of creating pictures through small dots).

“I literally just handwrite it out, starting and stopping straight across the page to create the image in relief.

“People are amazed with the amount of time and patience it takes to make each piece.

“They also wonder how I can write so small!

“I make prints for $40 each, an original is about $3200.”

“But the reward is the work, not the finished product.”