Amazing Video

By Chris Jaffray


Forget From Paris with Love, this is Paris from above!

A teen has captured terrifying footage of himself dangling one-handed from a crane – 650 feet above the French capital.

The heart-stopping video shows 18-year-old Adam Lockwood making his way up the red crane in Puteaux, a western suburb of the city, before posing holding onto it with just one hand for a heart stopping photo.

His jaw-dropping feat gave him a unique bird’s eye view of Tour Alto – the tallest building in Paris.

But Adam, who has been scaling building for the last three years, insisted he felt no fear during the death-defying stunt.

The teenager, from Wigan, Lancs, said: “We think we were close to being 200 metres in the air.

“We were really near the tallest building in Paris.

“There is no words to describe how dangling at that height feels but I wasn’t scared

“I have been doing this for three years now.

“There are risks in everyday life, not just climbing.”