Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A group of daredevils performed the world’s first bungee jump while tied to a wingsuit pilot.

As a team of three stuntmen flew 4000m over Chalon, France, in June, Aimard Alexandre captured a world first.

With world record holder Vincent Descols leading events, a wingsuit pilot had a bungee jump attached to his stomach.

Hangong from the end of the cord was another skydiver – complete with parachute – who bounced further and closer together as the wind currents buffeted the flier.

Aimard said: “It was extremely satisfying that it all came to plane on the day.

“Vincent is a world record holder in skydiving but there was a lot to put together for this to work.

“He had previously done a rope swing stunt and wanted to evolve the concept using a bungee rope.

“The stunt reflects the highest skill level and preparation side by side with lot of creativity and effort to make it possible.”