Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


This adorable squirrel was denied a normal life in the wild after becoming paralysed but now lives a happy and full life with her owner.

Lisa Deitchler would be the one to take in the poor creature after a friend’s dog had initially caught the squirrel in Prineville, Oregon.

Lisa decided that she would care for the innocent critter, however, the newly named Judy suffered a hole her leg after becoming sick which caused paralysis in the legs and tail.

Given just a 5% chance to live, Lisa was not going to give up on Judy, helping in whatever way she could; providing care and medication.

Judy’s health and strength improved and despite the lack of functionality in her legs, she lives a full a happy life with her new family.

Lisa is playful and loving with Judy and tries to stimulate in whatever way Judy is capable of doing.

While Judy scrambles around and climbs carpeted walls and obstacles, Lisa and her boyfriend give Judy all the nuts and nutrition a growing squirrel needs.

Lisa said: “I got Judy from a friend on Facebook that had said her dog found a squirrel, we knew right away that we wanted to help her.

“A few months down the road she became very sick, we rushed her to the vet and got her medicine and she had an allergic reaction to one of the meds, in put a big hole in her leg which healed up nice.

“The vet said she had a 5% chance of surviving; I wasn’t letting her die!

“We helped her get stronger and stronger but she hasn’t gained full movement in her back legs or tail yet.

“Nothing stops her from being a silly squirrel, she hops around and stashes nuts just like any other squirrel, she barks she purrs she pretends to give me kisses when I hold her up close to me, I love her!”