Animals Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


This quirky Labrador has been captured only walking BACKWARDS through doorways.

Pooch Max, six, has been caught on camera shuffling backwards through doorways – much to the amusement of his owner, Melissa Fox, 28.

His irrational fear seems to have begun when Max lost his mum earlier this year, Melissa and her family are determined to encourage Max to work through his phobias.

Max can be seen wagging his tail in the clip as he’s called to his owners but then shuffles into his usual rear-facing position.

Melissa, from Manchester, said: “Max has always had some quirky habits but he definitely has many endearing ways of dealing with his day to day problems.

“He always walks backwards out of rooms because he seems to operate on the logic that if he can’t see it, it can’t scare him.

“Yet everything such as the shape of a line like wires, shoe laces or floorboard lines is enough to send him over the edge.

“He’ll stand and cry and need encouragement to cross over, but he’s always super proud when he eventually does.

“Max was born at home, and has lived his entire life with his mum.

“We lost Molly in January this year when she was 12 and a half.

“Max started staring more and he very rarely sleeps during the day – he just sits or stands and stares or follows us around not knowing what to do.

“Most of the time, he has typical Labrador behaviour – one incident that springs to mind is him and his mum stood side by side next to a tub of golden syrup.

“When we asked who ate it, Max hung his head in shame – he has us in stitches.

“He acts human most of the time and he truly is like a toddler – he tries to creep onto the sofa one leg at a time as if we don’t notice.

“Then, when we catch him, he sits in front of us blocking the TV, gradually becoming sleepy and leaning on me then eventually will flop down and lay on top of me.

“If any of us sing or dance he gets so excited and will run towards us and jump up on his back legs for us to dance with him.

“He’ll sit and stare at inanimate objects for ages, and even watches TV with the family.

“Along with his backwards walking, his latest fear is the laminate flooring in the hallway.

“When we take him for walks he has to go through the hallway but all four of his legs will spread out and he won’t move so we have to pull him across the floor until he gets to the front door.”