Amazing Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane

An urban explored investigated an underground caved filled with hundreds of abandoned cars.

Along with some friends, Neil Ansell travelled to a slate mine in North Wales in July after having heard rumours about a car graveyard.

Getting into the relative dark, the group make their way through a damp tunnel until they’re greeted by large pool.

Floating on top of the turquoise water there are car parts and in the far corner a mountain of rusting vehicles protrudes out of the surface.

Neil said: “I really have no idea why all the cars are in the cave, which I think helps add to the mystery of the place.

“I have looked everywhere for clues but all I can see is theories that they are stolen cars that have been dumped.

“This was definitely the most dangerous exploration I’ve ever done and I don’t plan on going back again.

“While we were climbing down, the slate would come loose below our feet.”