Life Video Viral

By Joseph McFarlane

This humble man buys food and drinks for the homeless at every opportunity.

Naseraldin Mohamed works in a small gourmet deli in the Bronx, New York, in which many homeless people can be seen on the streets.

Naseraldin helps those on the streets by buying them a meal consisting of a sandwich, crisps, a drink, and anything else that can put a smile on the face of those in need.

Working twelve-hour days, seven days a week, Naseraldin spends his hard-earned money on helping others and showing respect to them.

Naseraldin said: “When I finish work, I help those in need.

“I’ve seen the people sleep on the sidewalk and they get treated so badly, I wanted to help spread awareness so I can get them off the streets one person at a time.

“They always wait for me outside and they’re so happy, sometimes they bring more people.

“It feels great and it makes me want to do more.”