Life Offbeat

By Hollie Bone.

A saucy naked sketch John Lennon drew of himself and a lady friend is also set to go under the hammer for more than £1,800 at an auction later this month as people from all over the world Come Together to buy up the timeless memorabilia.

One of just 5,000 bricks taken from the birth place of the band – Liverpool’s original Cavern Club – in 1983, the lump of masonry could raise a three figure sum, according to experts at the Beatles Shop in Merseyside.

But it’s not the only unusual item expected to get people recreating A Day In The Life of their 60’s heroes, as the dirty sheets from the Wittier Hotel in Detroit, USA – where the Fab Four stayed on September 6, 1964, are also expected to go at least £130.

Although you Can’t Buy Me Love, Stephen Bailey, Beatles Shop manager and owner one of the sought after Cavern Club bricks himself, said it can often be the smaller, quirkier items that people will bid for ‘to their heart’s content’, just to get their hands on.

He said: “It can be something little, that you haven’t even noticed that gets the most bids – the sort of thing that reminds someone of a specific time or memory, and half a dozen people will give anything to get their hands on it.

“When the bricks first went on sale, they were £5 each and they were sold to raise money for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, but now if you get one for £300 it’s thought to be quite reasonable.

“The most we have ever seen one go for is £550.

“It’s a lot of money to pay for what is essentially just another brick but I’m quite attached to mine, it sits on a shelf in my house and I don’t intend to sell it.”

For those who are more of a Paperback Writer fan, the auction also has bundles of letters and paperwork for sale along with one of a dozen erotic prints sketched by John Lennon in 1963.

The standalone print could make £1,800, but as a full set Stephen estimates a collection of prints could be sold for £40,000.

He said: “The print comes from a time in 1963, when John was with Cynthia Powell.

“It’s one of about 12 or 13 he did, a full set would be worth anything from £35,000 to £40,000.

“It’s lovely seeing the big items sell for big amounts of money but I can be just as excited by seeing a concert ticket sell for £150 and really make that person content.

“It could be something they’ve been looking for for years.”

A set of four autographs is expected to gather at least £5,000 at the auction this Friday [August 23], while a Gibson Firebird 3 guitar used in the recordings of several hit songs by The Merseybeats, who played alongside The Beatles at the Cavern Club, is estimated to go for a minimum of £13,000.