Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs


A crafty musician created his very own, fully functioning musical organ from bottles in his basement workshop.

Leonard Solomon is a multi-skilled entertainer who enjoys creating original musical instruments as much as he enjoys playing them.

Now Leonard has turned his crafty talents to creating a musical organ from musical bottles.

Created in his basement workshop in Boston, Massachusetts, the marvellous musician used glass bottles and moulded latex balls in order to create his complex masterpiece.

To prove the instrument can work, Leonard posted a video to his bellowphone YouTube channel in which he played Wolfgang Mozart’s classic “Papageno’s Song”.

Leonard said: “This instrument is just a year old. It is the second organ of this type that I have built.

“The balls are homemade, from natural rubber, moulded from liquid latex.

“All the other parts, except the bottles themselves, I built from scratch using mahogany, steel strapping, and plastic tubing.

“It is rather awkward to play, and I am still learning my way around it, but it is worth it because of the unique breathy way it produces the notes.”

Back in the 1980s, Leonard created the ‘The Majestic Bellowphone’, a unique homemade instrument that he implemented into his comedy and juggling act.