Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This adorable feline friend will not stop pestering their owner while he works.

Slaven Jedvaj was doing some freelance work at home in Zagreb, Croatia with furry foster companion Milka.

The five-month-old moggy wanted nothing more than to rub her owner’s beard and walk all over his work.

While attempting to ignore the distractions, Slaven becomes increasingly impatient but Milka persists as she continually charms Slaven.

Slaven said: “Our foster kitten Milka is trying to get my attention while I do my work by being cutely obnoxious.

“She does this all the time.

“If I’m busy, the best thing to do is to ignore her because she won’t stop if she gets any kind of attention.

“If I’m not doing anything important, I give her all the cuddles she needs.”