Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

A spring-heeled college athlete tests his jumping ability by leaping over walls, people and even cars.

Student and long jumper Ryan Tchoungoua, from New York, USA, has been practising long jumping for about two years.

However, the 21-year-old can already perform unbelievable feats as he leaps over parked vehicles and standing people and on top of walls, without ever getting injured.

Ryan said: “The farthest I have ever jumped was 6.70 metres, just a couple of meters short of the world record, which is 8.95.

“I am currently a long jumper as I have never learned the technique for high jumps.

“However, I can jump over people and on top of a vending machine, which is probably the highest I have ever jumped on.

“I have never been seriously injured, the most I get are cuts and small bruises.”

An American citizen, Ryan is now in the process of applying for dual citizenship as he hopes to compete internationally for his family’s country, Ivory Coast.