Nature Video

By Federico Cornetto

This is the terrifying moment a huge cliff collapsed close to a group of kayakers.

Photographers Jon Smithers, 64, and Craig Blacklock, 65, were filming the multicoloured Pictured Rocks cliffs in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, when they witnessed a blood-chilling scene.

On August 12, a huge portion of the cliff fell into Lake Superior, just 15 metres away from 18 kayakers who were paddling nearby.

Jon and Craig were lucky enough to capture the terrifying moment with a drone that they were operating from a pontoon boat.

Craig said: “I have seen and experienced rock falling from cliffs along Pictured Rocks several times, so as soon as I heard a bang, I knew it was a cliff falling and I yelled to Jon to get in on camera.

“This was one of the largest falls I have seen, from our boat it looked like it landed right on top of the kayakers, so for a moment we were both horrified.

“Fortunately, none of them was injured and we tracked them down at a local tour agency and spoke to them.”

Jon said: “I had never seen or been close to anything like this!

“It’s part of nature and it will happen again.

“I hope this video helps to save lives and make people more aware of the dangers when paddling in such a beautiful place.”