Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This is the terrifying moment a stampede of bison crushed a rental car with a family inside, cracking one of the windows.

Bruce Delle Chiaie, 50, was driving through Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, with his wife and three children on August 13 when a herd of bison rushed on to the road, stopping all traffic.

One huge bison hit Bruce’s rental car with his horns, causing severe damage to it and the whole family to scream with terror.

Bruce said: “We had gone to Lamar Valley to try and view a moose we had seen the night before.

“We got out of the car and started looking for the moose.

“We were setting up a spotting scope when one of my sons says ‘run for the car!’

“I turned to see a brown wall rushing down the road.

“We got to the car and my sons went in the back, I stood for a minute and was in awe and started taping.

“My wife starts yelling at me to get in, and fortunately I heeded her warning.”

According to Bruce, the animal that hit the car caused severe damage to the vehicle, including a crushed hood, a cracked windshield and a broken door.

Bruce said: “The car had 3500 miles on it when we picked it up, brand new!

“We still have not received the damage costs but I am guessing it will be around $10,000.”