Amazing Animals Nature Video

By Mikey Jones

Amazing pictures have emerged of a brave diver swimming alongside thousands of jellyfish.

The phenomenal photographs were taken by diving instructor Lushan He, 36, from Palau.

She said: “It feels amazing to swim with so many jellyfish – it is something I’ve always wanted to do!

“I first saw a picture of the jelly fish lake in 2013 and knew from that moment I had to go there one day.

“I came to the lake a couple of years ago and it was empty, so to finally be able to swim with them was a fantastic experience – it was once in life time to see this miracle.”

Whilst most jellyfish sting, Lushan says it was completely safe to swim with the golden jellyfish.

She added: “Whilst they do sting, you can’t actually feel it.

“There aren’t any predators for the jellyfish in this lake, so they don’t need their sting like they usually would, making it safe to swim alongside them.”