Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane


A daredevil urban explorer climbed the biggest building in Ukraine, resulting in some vertigo-inducing footage.

Lithuanian urban explorer “shiey” has travelled all across Europe discovering some of the continent’s most unusual and sometimes even eerie abandoned locations.

But on a trip to the Kiev, Ukraine, visiting shiey decided to get the best view possible, and one no other tourists could only dream of.

Climbing up 56 floors, shiey reached the tippy top of Klovski Descent 7A, the tallest building in all of Ukraine.

Taking things further, shiey decided to hang 168 metres above the ground without any safety equipment, resulting in some terrifying, vertigo-inducing views.

Not content with his daredevil antics, shiey decided to climb a further two buildings in the city, each with the much more reasonable, if not less terrifying, heights of 100m and 40m.

Shiey said: “There was no risk. Everything was checked for safety prior to doing it. I have experience therefore I know what I can and can’t do.

“This is not a cool thing to do. I am not cool.

“The video is cool, but not the reality.”