Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


An abandoned bank vault containing leftover a diamond ring was discovered by a father and son demolition duo.

Father and son duo Rick Langos, 50, and Darick, 20, have experienced quite the bit of luck over the years.

Through Rick’s demolition company, the pair are able to explore a whole host of abandoned buildings, and sometimes even discover piles of cash and long-forgotten treasures and trinkets.

While exploring an abandoned bank vault back in Bolingbrook, Illinois, the pair found countless safes to open while exploring the cavernous area.

Using a grinder, crowbar and sledgehammer, the pair cracked open safe after safe before striking upon the glittering jewellery alongside $80 in cash.

Darick said: “I was freaking out with excitement when we discovered the ring.

“Who wouldn’t want to break into a bank vault and take money legally? Doing this was a dream come true.”