Offbeat Video Viral

By Jack Mobley


An ingenious inventor has created a robot that spars with aspiring boxers.

Structural designer Kris Tressider, based in Perth, Australia, has been developing his idea of a robotic boxer that will throw punches back at the fighter.

In the video, the Puncher Pro is set up in a boxing gym with amateurs trying their hand at pummelling the robot.

The robot is set up to continually throw hooks and jabs while the fighter has to duck and dodge the incoming onslaught.

Puncher Pro is in the early prototype stage at the moment but Kris and the company, Overthrow Robotics, have big plans for the future.

Kris said: “I have been developing the robot for approximately nine years.

“The robot was tested against a range of boxers from beginner to professional at a variety of different height and reach setting.

“It is set with harder routines for adults and also easier settings for people as young as 9.

“It runs off 12V DC motors and is controlled from a laptop.

“All the boxing instructors I have spoken to seem to think the robot has merit as a training device for practicing boxers.

“We plan to keep developing it and improving the speed and abilities of the robot, I am working on sensors that can give a score, based on skill, speed and strength.

“I hope to one day manufacture and sell these robots, I am seeking investment, advice and partnership from people who believe in the project.”