By Federico Cornetto

A kind-hearted Uber driver surprised a fast food worker with new clothes after hearing about her struggles while giving her a ride.

Uber driver Lamiyah Jabbar, 30, picked up a woman named Diane, who opened up to her about her financial struggles on August 3 in Buffalo, New York.

Lamiyah dropped Diane at her workplace, fast food chain Tim Hortons, and instead of picking up a new passenger drove to a shopping mall.

She visited many stores and asked women who looked to be about Diane’s size what clothes they liked to wear.

Finally, she ended up buying a $50 visa gift card and a dress for her former passenger.

Lamiyah said: “Diane told me how she takes care of her grandkids and because of that she has little spare money to buy herself things.

“She wanted to get a new dress for church, a robe and house shoes, but for that she had to wait until Christmas.”

Lamiyah then drove all the way back to Tim Hortons and surprised Diane, who was working at the drive through, with her gifts.

“Thank you so much! This has been such a horrible day, you just made my day!” Diane said.

Lamiyah said: “I had done random acts of kindness like this before, but never while I was on Uber.

“It always feels great afterwards.”