By Neo Bye

A pair of battling bull elephants were squaring up to each other but after their altercation ended, one of them began to run causing them to stagger and fall over in a light-hearted moment.

Photographer Joseph Anthony was on safari in the Nambiti Game Reserve, South Africa, trying to capture some of the most action-packed pictures but ended up recording a gut-busting moment.

Two adolescent males were clashing in an attempt to establish dominance; flaring their ears and raising their trunks in an aggressive manor.

But after the two had finished their tiff, they made their way back to the wider herd with one of the mammoth beasts taking a comical tumble to their knees, making a quick recovery.

Joseph said: “This was very rare, my guide and the other guides at the Reserve all said it was an all-time top five wildlife moment to witness and capture.

“The fact he was running will have contributed to him falling so I was surprised more than anything first of all to see him fall while looking through my viewfinder.

“To see a majestic giant have a momentary fall from grace was both amusing and endearing.

“I have seen cheetah misstep and stumble walking and the occasional antelope but never an elephant.”