A KFC crazy prankster had Colonel Sanders shaved into the side of his hair in the hope of getting free chicken and SUCCEEDED.

Zach Gorman lost a bet which saw his friend MJ Talevski which saw him have to get his head shaved in the shape of the Colonel’s face.

Following the trim, Zach had the idea to travel to multiple stores around Illinois in search of free food after showing the realistic haircut.

Each store was a success in varying degrees: the first outlet handed out two drinks while the second store provided two drumsticks.

The final fast-food restaurant dished out two full meals completely free, after wowing the server with the impressive haircut.

Zach said: “We chose Colonel Sanders because we wanted something random and unexpected.

“All the employees were stunned when they saw it.

“When we got the free food, especially the two free $5 fill ups, we were amazed and happy.

“We couldn’t believe that a haircut actually got us free food.”