By Randal Coombs

Skin crawling footage shows a giant nest containing more than one million wasps taking root in an abandoned car.

When Jude Verret from Stinger Exterminations saw the Chevrolet Malibu out the back of a property in South Louisiana on July 21, he was told there was likely a beehive in there.

Within seconds of seeing the buzzing hive, which had spread across the front seats and into the back of the car, he was sure they were yellow jacket wasps.

Entering through the driver’s door, Jude showed how parts of the nest have even started to infiltrate the air vents, before the wasps started to fly at his camera.

Jude, a beekeeper of 23 years, said: “There would have been at least a million wasps in there, but with the size of the nest, it could have been many more.

“The nest itself must be at least two years old.

“The car is out of the back of the property so they’re relatively left alone by humans.

“These wasps aren’t aggressive, just defensive when their home is threatened.

“They only began to start flying out of the car when one wasp hit my camera and the rest went berserk.”

Jude notified a venom harvester that he knows, who will pay the owner of the property to collect the venom from the wasp’s stings.