By Randal Coombs

A devoted dog owner has created a trolley so his severely arthritic dog can continue to get around.

Sara Morris filmed her dad Steve, 59, as he pulled pet pooch Kaylee around on the makeshift cart at home in Joliet, Illinois, on July 28.

The 13-year-old needs help getting around as she has developed arthritis in her back legs, meaning it is difficult for her to go from room to room.

As the family has to help her stand up in the mornings,

Sara said: “Kaylee loves her cart.

“We pull her around and she is able to keep up and not feel left behind because of her legs.

“Walks are much easier now with her cart.

“She loves the sun and fresh air and now it’s just so nice being able to take her out without worrying we are causing her more pain.

“But no matter what, she’s always wagging her tail.”

Having sanded down the middle wood, Steve added a memory foam bath fixed with Velcro so Kaylee could be comfortable on her travels.

Sara said: “Kaylee’s spirits are always lifted no matter what comes her way.

“On my dad’s day off from work, he went into the garage and devised a plan to help her move around the house pain free!

“She loves being near us and loves to watch us eat at the dinner table, hoping to catch some scraps.

“About a year and a half ago we noticed her walking declining and that is when we learned of her arthritis.

It has made usually simple tasks such as standing up by herself, walking long distances, going outside into the yard to use the bathroom a challenge.

“But my family goes above and beyond to accommodate her.

“We take her into the pool every so often to get her some exercise that is low impact and causes her no pain, which she loves.”