Life Video

By Lucy Notarantonio

A mum has showcased her hectic life with FOUR newborns in a series of videos.

There really is never a dull day in the home of Kendal Macdonald, 28, who is a mum of quadruplets and a four-year-old.

The babies were conceived naturally despite Kendall being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and endometriosis in her teens.

Kendal and her husband Josh, 28, from Timaru, New Zealand, need eyes at the back of their heads now that the quads, Quinn, Indie, Hudson and Molly, have reached their first birthday.

PICTURED LEFT-RIGHT: Hudson, identical twins Indie and Quinn, Molly


The chances are having naturally occurring quads is just one in 729,000 – and despite being born three months, they are now thriving.

Stay at home mum Kendal said: “I can’t describe what it’s like going from a family of three to a family of seven overnight, but we wouldn’t change a thing.

“They have changed every aspect of our lives, every decision we make revolves around them, when Brooklyn, now four, was a baby it was understandably easier.

“I have to plan and prepare every evening to ensure the next day runs as smoothly as possibly, I will organise what they have for lunch and dinner as soon as they’ve gone to bed.

“We have a strict routine in place and they always have eat, bathe and sleep at the same time so I can be as organised as I can.

“Everything takes four times as long; we have to allow extra time to go places as getting them in and out of the car can sometimes take longer than 30 minutes.

“I can never do bath time alone; we try and get them in and out quickly but they tend to get excited by the bubbles and splash around as babies do.

“The most time-consuming part of the day is feeding them as there is a lot going on and they find it hard to wait for their turn to be fed.

“The best part of the day is when they just wake up from a nap and are bright and happy, wanting to play.

“Afterwards the babies, floor and highchairs are covered in food and require cleaning, I usually do this whilst they nap.

“I get an hour or two to myself during each day whilst they sleep so I can shower, tidy and have a sit down.

“Josh, who is a supervisor, had five months of paternity leave to help out when they were newborns to help.”

PICTURED LEFT-RIGHT: identical twins Indie and Quinn, fraternal twins Hudson and Molly


The couple had to upsize their home and buy an 11-seater van when they discovered four babies at their nine-week scan.

Indie and Quinn are identical whilst Molly and Hudson are fraternal twins.

She adds: “When they were allowed home after four months in hospital, we had a night nanny funded by the government – this helped a lot as it was pretty hectic adjusting from one child to five under four-year olds.

“Molly who is our little firecracker has started crawling and I can’t even begin to think about when they are all up and running.

“They have started developing their own personalities, Quinn is the advanced leader, Indie is adorable and sweet, Hudson is cheeky but grumpy and Molly is so sassy.

“As busy as I am, I wouldn’t change it for the world, our family is set up and Brookly makes the best big brother.

“It is hard having quadruplets but after three years of infertility, every second is worth it.”

PICTURED LEFT-RIGHT: Mum Kendal, identical twin Quinn, Hudson, older brother Brooklyn, Molly, dad Josh and identical twin Indie