By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A mischievous mutt has managed to outsmart her bemused owner by hiding in a pillow case.

After being told to ‘get off the bed’ by owner, Rebecca Shelton, 44, pooch Presley – a Chihuahua mix- takes a running jump and lands straight inside a pillow case.

In the hilarious clip, Presley, from Florida, US, can be seen walking across the bed while inside the case.

Rebecca said, “It was hilarious – Presley knows she’s not allowed in the bed but she’s smarter than I thought.

“She’s usually a calm, placid albeit strange little pup, but she clearly wanted to up on the same bed as me – and had put some thought into how she was going to get round the command I’d given.

“I rescued Presley, when my mother passed away, as it was her wish for me to stay busy after she’d gone.

“Presley was an abandoned three-month-old puppy and I chose to name her Presley in honour of my mum because she was such an Elvis fan.

“She is the sweetest dog and she loves to wear all the outfits I pick out for her.

“I work in real estate, and she’s always on the road with me, dressed in the different outfits I make for her.

“One of her favourite things to do is wear glasses and she’s always super friendly.”

Presley seems to find the funny side in the video as she’s seen wriggling inside the pillow case, in no hurry to get out, as Rebecca can be heard laughing.

Rebecca added: “Chihuahuas are the second most common dog you’ll see in a rescue centre and I was determined to help out – this is what led me to getting Presley in the first place.

“I have two other purebred chihuahuas, BellaDonna, 10,  and Chi-Chi, eight, and now I even enter Presley in shows and get her on the telly, so others would hopefully be inspired to adopt too.

“I reckon at least ten people have adopted the breed because of me.

“Now, my dogs are everything to me and I always say, any potential suitor must love the dogs just as much – else it won’t work!”