Animals Video

By Charlotte Nisbet

This intelligent Weimaraner has cracked down on plastic pollution after copying her owners by collecting rubbish across UK beaches.

Pooch Loli now spends her entire walk collecting waste in  a bid to help her owners, Trish Brewster 54, and Yan Balewicz, 60.

Loli  collects at least one bin bag full of rubbish every day while e front at their holiday home in Glenelg, Scotland.

But Loli doesn’t stop at just collecting plastic waste on land, she also collects rubbish while she’s out at sea in her owners small boat.

Trish, from York, is now sharing their story to help inspire other owners to start collecting plastic as if Loli, now 13, can do it, anyone can.

She added: “I can’t walk past a piece of plastic without picking it up and over the years Loli has noticed this and now she helps find rubbish that I wouldn’t otherwise notice.

“Loli will run off down the beach and come back with plastic bottles for us to take home and recycle.

“She a very intelligent dog and she loves helping both me and Yan collect the rubbish.

“After most walks we have at least one black bin bag full of plastic and other waste, a lot of it comes from the fishing boats as they must throw their nets into the sea.

“Loli’s favourite thing to do is go out on the boat and look out for dolphins.

“But if she spots some rubbish such as balloons or netting along the way, she’s the first to jump in and retrieve it.”

Trish says it’s shocking how much plastic is left on the beach and hopes Loli’s story inspires other owners to take action.

She added: “We’ve seen seals dead on the beach due to plastic pollution and it’s heart-breaking.

“I absolutely love animals and to see that humans are causing them so much harm by simply not recycling or using less plastic is awful.

“We do our bit by ensuring the beaches near our motor-home are as clean as they possibly can be but it’s going to take more than just me, Loli and Yan, a retired engineer, to make any drastic changes to our planet.

“People should know better than to leave plastic waste anywhere near our oceans.

“If Loli can do her bit by collecting waste then there’s no reason why everyone else can’t help.”

Since Trish began collecting rubbish six years ago she has so far collected over 2,000 bin bags of waste.

She said: “It has become a bit of a habit nowadays and it does drive Yan crazy at times.

“We can be on the boat and I’ll spot something floating in the distance and regardless of what direction we are going in, I will ensure it’s not left in the sea.

“It makes me proud that Loli has begun copying us and is now actively helping us to live in a cleaner area.”