Animals Video

By David Aspinall


A devoted dog owner built an amazing understair home for his two pooches complete with lights and running water.

Shane Morgan loves his dogs Jake and Brooklyn so much, that he wanted to give them their own unique bedroom at home in Kentucky.

Over the space of one weekend, Shane turned a cupboard in his home into a grand grotto for his pet English Mastiff and Cane Corso.

On top of the traditional dog bed and a basket for toys, the canine carpenter fitted a pitched doorway roof, lighting and a ‘gutter’ which was hooked up to the water main’s and could be turned on to fill up a water bowl at the bottom.

Shane said: “The dogs absolutely love it and enjoy running in and out of it like a little hiding place.

“I can’t get over the response the house has had, it’s been overwhelming.

“Because of the interest, I have created different kits for dog owners so they can choose what style they want and buy them for their own pets.

“I hope to be taking them to market soon.”