Amazing Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto


A six-hour rescue under a blazing sun took place as a horse who had fallen down a steep hill was rescued by helicopter.

Sunny, a 30-year-old horse from Sunland, California, tumbled down a 15-metre hill during the night of August 8.

The following morning, Sunny’s desperate owner called the Los Angeles Fire Department as the old horse lay on the ground too exhausted to get up.

Firefighters teamed up with LA Animal Services SMART and thanks to a six-hour operation and the use of a helicopter to lift Sunny up the hill, they were able to get the animal back up on his feet.

SMART’s spokesperson, Armando Navarrete said: “During the night, Sunny got stuck in his corral.

“His owner attempted to free him in the morning but when they removed part of the corral, Sunny went tumbling down the steep hillside and landed up against a chain link fence.

“Once again, his owners attempted to free him by removing the fence but then Sunny tumbled down the hillside again and came to rest on a small plateau.

“The air lift we operated was successful, but once back up in his corral, Sunny still wouldn’t get up on his own.

“After almost two hours of administering IV fluids, SMARTS decided to assist Sunny by placing him in a harness using a rope system get him on his feet.

“The entire rescue took six hours in the hot sun.”