Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A hungry hyena made a pathetic attempt to steal an impala kill which had been hidden from its reach by a crafty leopard.

Emily Whiting was leading a tour through the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, South Africa, when she saw two hyenas sat around a barren tree trunk.

Seeing they were both looking at the same thing – a dead impala – hanging from the branches she decided to stay and watch.

One of the starving scavengers gave a very half-hearted attempt at trying to jump and reach the food just out of its grasp.

Emily said: “I actually found out very funny because the impala tail was just inches from being snatched by the hyena and they were so frustrated that they were so close but couldn’t quite get it.

“A leopard had put the impala there to keep it safe.

“The hyenas spent all day at the kill, occasionally jumping and occasionally just lying in wait.”