Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

This girl failed in epic fashion after trying to jump on a Lilo but missed and face planting into the water instead.

Aleksandra Djuran was on vacation in Mallorca, Spain, when the hilarious moment was captured at poolside.

Trying to have fun on a windswept day, Aleksandra, from Odense, Denmark, threw a raft into the pool with the intention to jump on it.

Aleksandra took a moment to measure up the jump but as she leaped from the water’s edge toward the Lilo a gust of wind blew the inflatable out of her path.

The result was a hilarious fail as Aleksandra face-planted the surface of the water, leaving her friends in stitches.

Aleksandra said: “We wanted to joke around a bit.

“I tried to land on the raft but Mother Nature had different ideas.

“I was so surprised and I swallowed some water because I was laughing under water already!”