Life Video

By Joe McFarlane

A pair of Down’s Syndrome twins happily play with one another in an adorable video captured by their loving Mother.

Charlie and Milo, three, are one of only a few sets of identical fraternal twins with Down’s Syndrome in the world, and their uniqueness shines through in their adorable videos captured by loving mum, Julie McConnel, 47.

Filmed in their hometown of Nampa, Idaho, Charlie and Milo happily play and squish each other’s faces in the heart-warming video with their sibling love and fraternal bond shines through, as does their larger than life personalities.

Julie said: “The boys usually do pretty well sitting in the double cart, but sometimes there is pushing, fighting and complaining.

“This time the boys were having a particularly good time together.

“Milo loves to play this game with family and his favourite caregivers where he says ‘face’ and then squishes the person’s cheeks.

“This was the first time I’d seen Milo initiate the ‘squish face’ game with his brother.

“They did such a good job taking turns and then the game switched to just tickling each other’s necks!

“I love their giggles so much and it makes me so happy to see them enjoying each other.

“My hope for their future is that they will always love each other and be close friends, so seeing them sharing laughter gives me such a bright picture of what is to come!”