By Federico Cornetto ​

​This is the terrifying moment a violent storm swiped chairs and tables away from restaurants’ patios and across a street. ​

​Chef Oleksandr Grabar, 26, filmed the apocalyptic scene taking place in Pallanza, Italy, on August 12. ​

​As a thunderstorm hit the small town on Lake Maggiore, strong downburst winds ravaged local shops, scattering restaurants’ facilities across the streets. ​

​According to Oleksandr, the heavy weather resulted in damaged roofs and cars, uprooted trees and several restaurants’ patios being dismantled. ​

​Oleksandr said: “The weather in this area is always unpredictable as we are at the foot of the Alps and by a big lake, so we are used to sudden bursts of bad weather. ​

​“Nevertheless, this was an unusual and scary spectacle.” ​